How is everyone? I’m as happy as Durant on Draft Day – Handled released yesterday! This is the third book in the erotic quickie collection I’ve had the honor of writing with Angela Graham, and while I love them all, this may be my favorite! Please check it out at Amazon!



Oh, and SURPRISE!!! Now, let me first say – I’ve read “grumblings” that authors drag things out to keep you reading… of course we want to keep you reading – WE’RE AUTHORS!!! But, characters dictate the story, not us. And many, many books that cost more than .99 had part 2-20…

Vaughn wasn’t done and refused to be rushed, so the pre-order link for Handled 2 is LIVE at Amazon!

 handled 2

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Also, the entire Evolve Series is available in a box set for ONLY $5.99! Get your copy today!


Other exciting news happening is the Ever After Author Affair, being hosted by Angela Graham and Once Upon A Crush Book Blog, in Columbus, Ohio in July 2015. Be sure to check the Ever After Author Affair Facebook Page for details and information.


Last but far from least, I’d like to again address the question I get asked most often – “When’s Endure coming out?”

I can’t thank you enough for reading and loving The Crew. Your enthusiasm touches my heart… just like The Crew does.

I want to write it, but will only do so when my babies are ready, speaking to me. This story is very personal, and it belongs to them; I won’t tell it for them or do it an injustice. So please, be patient with us.


SE Hall




How is everyone? Sorry it’s been a while, I got pretty busy with Conspire, a romantic suspense written with Erin Noelle, which released on August 26. Check it out here via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords!

And, Handled, the next erotic quickie in the collection with Angela Graham, releasing September 30. You can pre-order now at Amazon!

I have also picked back up on Pretty Remedy, book 2 in the Finally Found Collection, and I can’t wait to share that with you soon! Be sure to pick up Pretty Instinct, book 1, if you haven’t read that one yet!


SE Hall




August Flashback

SE Hall here… It has been a roller coaster kind of month; here is a quick overview!


The kids went back to school!


This was a very special day, my Lyndsey turned 18! For those of you who are new, Lyndsey is my Laney from the Evolve Series.


CONSPIRE RELEASED! I am honored to write with my friend, Erin Noelle! The dedication is also very special to me as it was dedicated to my nephew, murdered like Devon in the story. Get your copy now on Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble.



This day was my hardest of the month. Sky Dahne Day. Sky was a wonderful young man, gone to soon. He is the muse for Dane in the Evolve Series.


EMBRACE has a new cover! Thank you to Toski Covey and Sommer Stein for your amazing work yet again!



Red Dirt BoCo signing in Oklahoma City, OK! It was a blast. I LOVE meeting all my readers and street teamers! I treasure the time getting to know each of you. Check out my Facebook for more photos!


Upcoming in September –

Emerge is FREE on AmazonSmashwords, and iTunes!

HANDLED, an erotic quickie, co-written with Angela Graham releases on 9/30! Be sure to pre-order your copy!

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SE Hall



July/August Newsletter

Sorry I am late on July, busy month 🙂


July Highlights

July 22 –

Released Packaged with Angela Graham, second of our erotic quickies, a bit “darker” with sex and mystery. Different for SE Hall yes, but I like to write all kinds of things!

July 25 & 26 –

Indie Mashup Arkansas Signing – Great Time! It was so wonderful meeting readers, other authors, my PA and many members of my Street Team! Can’t thank them each enough for their help! Xoxo

August Upcoming Highlights

August 4 –

The cover reveal for Conspire, a romantic suspense novel written with Erin Noelle, although chapter 24 is pretty erotic :)! This is also Justin White’s debut cover, who will be at the Red Dirt BoCo in OKC for the August 30 signing!

August 8-11 –

We are having a Pretty Instinct Book Blitz with Tantalizing Promotions! If you’d like to participate, click here!

August 26 –

Conspire releases!!!

August 30 –

Red Dirt BoCo in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Need your Tickets?


Personal Note –

Finally yet importantly, many of you have asked about Endure’s release date.

The answer is – when my heart is ready. Emerge started as a journal, an outlet for the pain of losing the real Dane (Sky Dahne) and watching the real Laney (my Lyndsey) go through it. Evolve gave them the HEA (Happily Ever After) they lost… I’m not ready to say goodbye all over again, yet. … I hope you understand


SE Hall



June Newsletter

S.E.Hall’s “Here’s What’s Up” Edition II

How are you? I made it through May and I am looking forward to June!

Do you know of anyone who may be interested in receiving updates as well? Forward this link: SE Hall Newsletter Signup

Book News:

Pretty Instincts Cover

Pretty Instinct released on May 15! You can purchase your copy at any of the links below:



Barnes and Noble



Muse News:

Sean Smith, my muse for Cannon Blackwell, hit 40,000 Likes on his Facebook page Sean Smith Fitness. Thank you, Sean for representing Pretty Instinct and Congratulations on your page accomplishment! Be sure to check him out!


Sean also won June Man Candy of the Month at Eye Candy Bookstore! Be sure to stop by there and check him out and all the events happening there!


Cover News:

stirred up box set cover

Have you had a chance to see the new cover of Stirred Up Volumes 1 & 2!  Click to Purchase


Upcoming Events:

July 25 – 26 Indie Mash Up Rogers, Arkansas Click for tickets!


Personal Message:

Lyndsey graduated and played in the state finals for softball! I have the most amazing, dedicated and supportive street team. These ladies, my Elite, set a goal and push past it each and every time! I am forever thankful for them!


What’s Coming:

I am working hard on the next standalone in the Finally Found Collection, which will be Rhett’s story!


Special Notice:

I am honored to be a part of USA Today and NYT best-selling box set Devour! All proceeds went to First Candle, a wonderful organization.



June 2 – 6

Hosted by Ena Burnette & Enticing Journey Book Promotions